Our tax system is recognised as one of the best in the world. But the way we manage it needs to improve.

Every time you do your tax it costs you time and money. And those costs add up if you often transact with Inland Revenue. Transactions also cost Inland Revenue time and money and, as taxpayers, you pay for that too. As well as paying for taxpayer-funded services the tax system benefits many New Zealanders through policies such as KiwiSaver and Working for Families. So it benefits everyone if the system is as efficient and simple as possible. 

The Government wants the tax system to work for you and to reduce the cost of compliance so you can focus on running your business and living your lives. We previously asked for people's views on some key issues, as part of an ongoing dialogue about how to make these changes work best for everyone. Now we’re moving on to the next level of detail.

Right now we’d like to hear from you on the Government’s ideas for modernising and improving the administration of information on investment income.

Open consultations

Investment income information
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